Medicine for Melancholy to play in Maryland Film Festival, Philadelphia, Sarasota, IFFBoston, San Fran Int'l

A low budget indie/real indie/D.I.Y. movie that combines a personal story with a political situation well (from what I hear) and features minorities in lead roles? I'm there! Looks like I'll be able to see it at the Maryland Film Festival in May. Go to MfM's site (scroll down on front page) to see if it'll be coming to a fest near you.

In other MfM news, Filmmaker Mag's Scott Macaulay has some positive words re: MfM here (scroll down 'till u see the photo of 2 ppl in front of photos of a lot of other ppl, or just read the whole article re: SXSW '08 :).

- Sujewa


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