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New website for Date Number One

The new website for Date Number One is here.

I used a Blogger blog template to create the site; so it's both a site for a movie & the blog for the movie - pretty convenient (and free, if anyone needs a site for their movie, try that route - it's fast).

The old DNO site will be around for a while, it'll be turned into a DVD sales site & a place for promoting my future projects.

Speaking of DVDs, the DNO DVD is coming along, should have it available for purchase in April (from DNO's new site, old site, this blog, etc.) - for all 6 of you who are eagerly awaiting that DVD :) It'll be worth the wait - the movie is 1/2 hour shorter (now around 90 minutes), & a lot smoother than it was in '06 & '07.

Trailer for the film coming this week.


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