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video link - 17 yr old putting on shows :: Above the Influence call for submissions

First, go check out this video story about a 17 year old who is organizing rock shows in a town in NJ; here - pretty neat.

Related; Above the Influence call for video submissions:

" Asks Teens and Young Adults to Submit Videos

Tell the World How You Live Above the Influence

Visit for the specifics.

This is your chance to be a part of the Above the Influence team and tell the world what you think. Share your version of what it means to be Above It.

Your personal video expression can be almost anything – a dramatization, documentary-style interview (with yourself or others), a montage, or even a commercial-style video that you might create for the campaign. Or tell us how you live above it – you know, how you deal with pressures, stay healthy and avoid drugs. And in the next few months, we’ll pick a few of your videos to post on the site. Be creative, be original and be yourself.

Visit our Web site,, for more guidelines to increase your chance of having your video make it onto the site.

SPECS: You can submit videos that are 2 minutes or shorter. Submit your videos online with final, encoded version of video spots not to exceed 20MB.

DEADLINE: Submit your videos online by April 30, 2008."

- Sujewa


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